Competitive Program

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics – Competitive Program


Our goal is to have an inclusive and fun team for all. We strive for gymnastics to be healthy and positive at all times. We are focused on strength and skill development, while also protecting their bodies by providing strong technical training. We focus on the mental aspect and building a great person. It is very important to us that the athletes are learning life skills at gymnastics. 


Kelowna Gymnastix is proud to offer two facilities: Kelowna Gymnastix and West Kelowna Gymnastix. The WAG competitive team offers classes at both locations.  It is up to the families to choose what location they prefer. 


  • Super Girls (Pre-Competitive)
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Performance Program
  • Xcel 
  • Canadian Competitive Program (CCP)

We have a large range of ages and levels within our program offering gymnastics to all athletes.  We try to include everyone and work to their strengths. 


  • Monthly Tuition (Varies by level/hours)
  • Annual Gymnastics BC Membership Fee (Varies by level)
  • Annual KG Registration Fee ($20)
  • Competition Fees (Varies by level/commitment)
  • Competition Uniform (Team Body Suit, Team Shirt, Team Hoodie) – will be communicated by Head Coaches. 


If you are interested in our program please ask email wagteam@kelownagymnastix.ca

We can do an in-person assessment and direct each athlete to the right program, level and group.  


Heather Ivanitz Bachelor of Education (NCCP 4 Artistic, NCCP 2 Trampoline)

Jesse Jakins Masters of High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership (NCCP 3 Artistic, NCCP 3 Trampoline, Yoga, Air 2)

Shallon Iliesu (NCCP 4 Artistic, NCCP 2 Trampoline)

Madison Nethercote

Vanessa Selka

Danielle Jones

Kamryn Greenhalgh

Amé Van Zyl

Kelsey Reynolds

Taylor Morrison

Super Girls (Pre-Competitive, by invitation only)

Ages 4 – 7 yrs
Class Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

The Super Girls classes are for girls 4 & up who show potential for a more competitive level of gymnastics. This class will focus on development of flexibility, strength and body alignment that one would require to perform the more difficult skills involved with gymnastics. This class is by coaches invitation only.

If you would like an assessment for your child to be considered for Super Girls, please email our Customer Administration Team: info@kelownagymnastix.ca


WAG Performance

Ages 8+
Class Length: 2 hours

WAG Performance is an introduction to the competitive team.  The athletes will have the opportunity to learn routines and perform/compete at local competitions.  

This is also a good option for any athletes who desire to be part of the competitive team but who are looking for less time commitment. 

This is an open class for girls 8+ that are looking to work towards the Xcel or Competitive Gymnastics pathway!


Canadian Competitive Program (CCP) : Competitive Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Ages 5+
Class Length: 2-5 times per week. 4-20 hours per week (level dependent)

With CCP levels 1-10, our competitive WAG program is for athletes that show potential, dedication and determination on a competitive level. Competing in local, provincial or national competitions, athletes in this program strive for excellence in all apparatuses (vault, bars, beam and floor.)

This program is by invitation only.

Athletes train between 4-20 hours depending on level appropriate training schedules and level demands. 

The CCP has 10 levels. 

  • Level 1-5 are developmental levels with compulsory routines.  
  • Level 6-10 are optional levels where each athlete learns individual routines on each event. 

The competitive program requires more hours/days per week as the athletes advance through the levels.  This program is more regimented with focus on strength, flexibility

This program will require the athletes to compete locally, provincially and potentially nationally.  

At Kelowna Gymnastix we also hope to have travel opportunities to training camps and international team trips.  

  • Level 1 athletes train 2+ days per week
  • Level 2 athletes train 2-3 days per week
  • Level 3+ athletes train 3+ days per week


If you would like more information on this program, our would like to book an assessment for your athlete, please contact Head Coaches Heather and Jesse: wagteam@kelownagymnastix.ca


Ages 8+
Class Length: 2-3 times per week. 4-7 hours per week 

Xcel is a Gymnastics BC program that is designed to further the pathway for recreational gymnasts who wish to compete. This program will focus on individual skill selection, routine development and a focus on fun and performance. The Xcel program can be tailored to the individual gymnast to promote success and fitness.

Opportunities to compete in local and club level competitions are available for this program.

Athletes in this level will train between 4-6 hours per week. This program is an invitation only program.

If you would like more information about this program, or would like to book an assessment for your athlete, please contact Head Coaches Heather and Jesse: wagteam@kelownagymnastix.ca


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