West Kelowna Gymnastix Policies

WKG Payment Policies

Tuition and Fees: Upon registration, your first month’s tuition plus fees will be processed. You are responsible for tuition and registration fees for the year enrolled, regardless of attendance. After the second class, you are committing for a minimum of 2 months. In the unforeseen event that we have to cancel a class, we will provide an opportunity to transfer to another class at no charge or receive a full refund minus any classes attended. We require 30 days written notice to remove your child from a class prior to the end of that year of classes (classes finish towards the end of August). If your child is also enrolled in parkour or ninja classes through Ambition Parkour-Ninja Fitness Academy, we would be happy to waive your registration fee for West Kelowna Gymnastix. Simply email or call us to receive this discount.

Refunds: Refunds will only be given up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of their second scheduled class. Program withdrawals/absences are permitted for medical reasons with a note from the doctor and will be applied from the time the note is presented to, and approved by, the Customer Administration Team.

Failed credit card charge or auto-debit: After a failed attempt  to process a credit card or auto-debit e-payment, a service charge of $30 will be added to your account. If account is settled within 48 hours the NSF fee will be waived.

Non-payment of fees:  Tuition and Fees are due for the month enrolled. Unpaid fees will result in students not being allowed to attend the following month.  Registration for the following year cannot be accepted until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Updated contact and payment information: Any changes to your address, phone, email,  emergency contacts, payment information or banking information must be updated on your account either through the online portal or by emailing the Customer Administration Team.  You are responsible for keeping your account up to date.

Birthday parties: a $50 non-refundable deposit is paid upon booking.  In case of illness, we will allow the  deposit to be transferred to a different date. (Birthday Parties available on a limited basis – email for details)

WKG Class Waitlist And Class Transfers

If you request a transfer to another class, we will try to accommodate you depending on available space. In the event that a class is full, you may place your child on a waitlist.  We will contact you by phone and/or email if a space becomes available. You will be given 24 hours to confirm whether you wish to enroll in the class. In the event of a late start, you can register for a class or program on a pro-rated basis.

WKG Class Make-Ups

Students are permitted to re-schedule any number of missed classes during the year. Your child must be currently enrolled to participate in a make-up class. All makeups must take place within 6 weeks of the missed classes, otherwise they will expire. Makeups must take place within the same year that the absence occurred (Sept-Aug).

Make-ups can be booked through your Parent Portal.

Absences due to Injury/Illness

For extended absences due to illness/injury, we ask for a doctor’s note to be presented. If you would like to keep your child’s spot in class while they are absent- tuition is required and make-up classes can be scheduled once they are fit to return to activity (within the makeup policy parameters).

If you decide to drop your child’s class due to illness/injury, a doctors note will waive the 30 day policy. If you would like to re-enrol once your child is fit to return but there are no spots- your child will be priority waitlisted on the class of their choice. (Your child must have provided a doctors note to drop to be eligible for priority waitlist when returning.)

WKG Student Discounts

WKG offers a 20% discount for additional (immediate) family members who are enrolled.  We also offer 20% off additional classes enrolled by the same child.  Only one of these discounts is considered.  Discounts apply to classes with same level fees or lower. Discounts do not apply to camps or competitive programs. A $20 discount is available for all current students who book their birthday party with us. Party discount is applied at time of payment. (Birthday Parties available on a limited basis – email for details)

WKG Dress Code

Boys: Tight fitting T-shirt and gym shorts (no buttons or zippers) OR track pants/bike shorts.

Girls: Tight fitting T-shirt and shorts or track pants OR Leotard                                                          

WKG Late Policy – The “10 Minute Rule”

It is important that our students properly warm-up prior to class in order to prepare the body for physical exercise and minimize the risk of injury.  Therefore, we have instituted the policy that ten minutes after class has started, kids may not be allowed to enter the class.  Please try to have kids at the gym a few minute prior to their start time.

WKG Health And Safety Policies

Injury prevention: West Kelowna Gymnastix uses top-quality, industry standard equipment that is inspected on an ongoing basis to ensure it is in good condition.  The coaches follow a program of safe use of the equipment and you can expect your child to be taught to use it properly. A child who does not follow the instructions of the coach, and who does not use the equipment in a safe manner can hurt themselves or someone else.  An infraction of basic safety rules may lead to disciplinary action. (The participant will be given 3 clear warnings, after the 3rd warning, the participant will be asked to sit out in a supervised area for 5 minutes. 3 more warnings will be given, if required, after returning to class. After this 3rd warning, the participant will be asked to sit out, the parent/guardian will be called and asked to pick up participant early.)

Injuries: Gymnastics is a strenuous and difficult sport- hence, even with the best coaching and the best equipment, injuries can occur.  Our coaches are trained in sports first aid and we have well-defined procedures in case of injury.

Communication: Gymnasts must inform their coach immediately if they are injured in any way. The coach will decide on appropriate action. For a minor injury: ice and rest. For a major injury: prompt medical attention. It is recommended that the gymnast attend their regular training  sessions as much as possible.  Absence from class is physically and mentally detrimental. Any pertinent medical information should be filled out at the time of registration.

Suspending of Tuition: With injuries that result in absence from the gym or alteration in normal training, West Kelowna Gymnastix requires written permission from a doctor in order to suspend tuition fees.  When this happens,  the family doctor must also give permission in order for the gymnast to return to regular training. Please keep coaches informed of any limitations recommended by the doctor during the injury healing time.  Communication in this area is vital both for the coach, who will plan a modified training program, and for the gymnast who is coping with the injury.

Communicable Diseases: For the health & safety of our participants and coaches, we reserve the right to remove any child from a class that we feel should not be participating in a class due to heavy coughing, fever, chicken pox, flu symptoms or any other illness that might be highly contagious and harmful to others. The parent/guardian will be called and asked to take their child home

Lice: Please refer to the Interior Health detailing guidelines for managing head lice.

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