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School-Age Gymnastics Programs

Registration for our 2022/23 session (starting September 6, 2022) is open!

FUNdamentals Program

Class Length: 1 hour
Boys & Girls

The FUNdamentals Program is the perfect place for your child to gain a head start for an active life! We use the foundation of gymnastics to develop your child’s physical literacy. In other words, we help them “learn how to move”. Our main goal is to help them learn specific athletic abilities that will stick with them for life with transference to any sport! The program is divided into 10 steps where every step represents a milestone for the child’s development. Once the child graduates from Step 10, the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills that they have mastered will allow them to have more opportunities to excel in sports for the rest of their life. If they choose to pursue competitive gymnastics after Step 10, they will have the ability to progress quickly without hitting a plateau due to our systematic, complete methodology.

2022/2023 (Starting September 6th 2022)

Ages 5-6 years 

FUNdamentals 1 & 2

Ages 7-9 years 

FUNdamentals 1 & 2

Ages 10+

FUNdamentals 1 & 2

All Ages – skill based

FUNdamentals 3 (after completing FUNdamentals 2 or after assessment)

Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics

Ages: 10+ yrs, based on coach recommendation.
Class Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

Intermediate skills are perfected and Advanced skills are introduced in this fun and challenging class. Coaches will recommend this class to students who are succeeding in their training and are ready for more advanced skills.
General pre-requisite skills are:

  • Strong round-off rebound
  • Strong bridge kick-over
  • Dive roll
  • Pull-over on bars
  • Back-hip circle on bars
  • Full handstand on beam
  • Cartwheel to handstand dismount on beam

If you’re unsure about whether your child is ready for Int/Adv Gymnastics – please email our Customer Administration Team (info@westkelownagymnastix.ca) for an assessment.

2022/2023 (Starting September 6th 2022)

Super Girls (Pre-Competitive, by invitation only)

Ages 4 – 7 yrs
Class Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

The Super Girls classes are for girls 4 & up who show potential for a more competitive level of gymnastics. This class will focus on development of flexibility, strength and body alignment that one would require to perform the more difficult skills involved with gymnastics. This class is by coaches invitation only.

If you would like an assessment for your child to be considered for Super Girls, please email our Customer Administration Team: info@kelownagymnastix.ca

WAG Performance

Ages: 8+
Class Length: 2 hours

The WAG Performance class is an Introduction to the Xcel and Competitive Team.

This is an open class for girls 8+ that are looking to work towards the Xcel or Competitive Gymnastics pathway!

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Ages: 6-15 years
Class Length: 1 hour

Acrobatic Gymnastics is among the oldest known gymnastics disciplines. Athletes work together in this partner-based discipline to create impressive static and dynamic shapes with their bodies. You can see many of these formations in Cirque du Soleil performances!

In this class, participants will learn the basics of acro: partner balancing, as well as individual tumbling and balance skills.

2022/2023 (Starting September 6th 2022)

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