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About Us

When we opened our Kelowna location in 2012, we were wrestling with a tagline that helped us define what Kelowna Gymnastix (and West Kelowna Gymnastix) was all about.

We wanted to communicate a message that we were different than many gymnastics clubs.  Our focus has always been on students’ overall development – physical, emotional and social maturation.  We wanted to build a positive, engaging environment for kids/athletes to thrive.  Additionally, we wanted to help all our students (kids and adults) see the lifelong benefit of gymnastics training.

A few months later we kept hearing from our customers, “oh I’ve heard that you’re the place that makes gymnastics FUN!” Well, yes and much more!  But the tagline stuck.  When kids perceive learning as fun, there is no better place to be!

So we have the opportunity each day to pursue our passion here at West Kelowna Gymnastix and Kelowna Gymnastix: helping kids grow and develop – but making it FUN!

About Bruce Elwood

Bruce has been coaching gymnastics for over 30 years. He started competing in high school and went on to Portland State University on a gymnastics scholarship. He has had the privilege of attending numerous camps and coaching clinics with some of the worlds greatest gymnastics technicians. Bruce went into coaching boy’s gymnastics teams in Oregon and in 1990 started his own club with a friend, the Metro Gymnastics Center in Tualatin, OR. It quickly grew to 15 staff and over 800 students.

In 1996 Bruce moved with his wife and family to Kelowna and shortly thereafter became a Canadian citizen. He has continued to coach recreational classes in the Kelowna area preferring the recreational focus over the demands of a competitive program.

Our Team

The remaining members of our team are dynamic individuals who have the ability to connect and engage participants in a safe, fun and respectful way. We believe the ability to coach can be learnt, but the natural connection and engagement with each child is a gift that can not be taught.

The West Kelowna Gymnastix team believes in “growing” the whole athlete. This includes not only gymnastics skills but self confidence and a sense of accomplishment, social skills, team building and the value of trust & support.

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